Defeating hatred together

About ‘#LeaveTheDark’

itd not in my nameMost people who spend their free time running projects like #LeaveTheDark would much rather be doing something else. Immersing yourself in the memes and misinformation propagated by the far right isn’t exactly good for psychological well-being. But if we are to avoid the mistakes of the past burying our heads in the sand really isn’t an option.

For decades now European citizens have believed that Nazism could never rise again in a civilised world. We believed that it had met its final demise in a Berlin bunker back in 1945. Our forefather fought hard to defeat the Nazis, to free occupied Europe from the jackboot and to end the mass slaughter of ethnic and religious ‘undesirables’. That should have been the end of the matter.

Unfortunately, many in the 21st century seem to have forgotten (or never knew) about the horrors of the Third Reich. Lacking any understanding of the road they’re embarking upon they’re doing all they can to drive us headlong into the first part of the 20th century. And their movement is growing, not only in Britain but across the whole of the industrialised West.

#LeaveTheDark exists to provide and publicise an alternative to this worrying trend. Knowledge is power and the more we can counter modern neoNazism with something better (and little could be worse) the more willing people will be to stand up and be counted. And we do need to stand up. We need to stand up NOW.

We need to show the new right that they will not prevail.

We need to stand firm in our resolve that ‘they shall not pass’.

No pasaran!