Why write this blog?

union-flagWe’re worried! We’re working class Brits, each with decades of lived experience here in the UK. We’ve seen good times and we’ve seen bad. We’ve seen kindness and we’ve seen genuinely unspeakable cruelty. We’ve known hardship and we’ve known security but never before have we feared for this nation’s future as we do now.

The working class of our youth and most of our adult lives understood where it came from. Our people knew the value of compassion and unity. We understood, many of us continue to understand that our struggle is not against each other. Nothing positive comes from men and women seeing each other as enemies. Hatred solves nothing.

If we have a struggle at all it’s not ‘against’ anyone. Our struggle is ‘for’ better rights, better wages, greater employment, education and healthcare. That’s a much more positive struggle, based upon mutual respect, assistance and co-operation.

A queue of job seekers outside a job centre in North London this morning. unemployment unemployedThe British working class is losing its way. Beginning with the brutal neo-liberalism of the Thatcher years, successive governments have done little to prevent the sense of alienation and disengagement of ordinary people from the sense of unity we once enjoyed. People feel abandoned, betrayed and exploited – and with good reason. They have been. Neo-liberalism has demoralised two generations. We are about to reap the harvest of crops first planted back in the 1980s when The Iron Lady embarked on a path still followed by British politicians over three decades later.

Times are hard, cynicism is rife and the working class is hungry for change. We’ve had enough. The trouble is that many see no reliable political alternative in traditional British politics. The Labour party, traditionally the friend of blue-collar workers has stumbled a fair bit over recent years and has at times been all-but indistinguishable from the Conservatives whilst the Liberal Democrats have proven themselves to be wholly untrustworthy. There’s a political and ideological vacuum to be filled.

Ten years ago we wouldn’t have believed who would step up to fill that ideological gap. The British working class has seen moderate socialism as its political home for as long as we can remember. We’ve been a little left of centre, not exactly communists but definitely ‘lefties’. That’s because the left brought us what we needed. Workers’ rights, sick pay, annual leave, the NHS, education, unemployment benefits and equal rights were all the result of socialism and all were strongly opposed by the right at the time. Without the left we’d still be starving to death in uneducated ignorance or suffering untold misery because we couldn’t afford medical care.


So it’s incredible that so many working class Brits have been pulled so far to the right that they literally want to imprison or even murder anyone who doesn’t share their extreme right-wing ideals.

We’re writing this because we understand that many Brits feel as we do. Like us they’re appalled and amazed at how quickly the national mood has changed. This blog is our attempt to help.

Most modern, far-right Brits really don’t understand what they’re getting into. Political philosophy is complex. A simple solution with a ready made scapegoat seems much more appealing. Simple arguments have led them down the road to Fascism but it is likely to take more than just simple arguments to bring them back.

Within this blog you will find information, arguments, visual ‘memes’, soundbytes and strategies to help the naive far-right ‘foot soldiers’ you know to understand the truth. They’re being used and the whole of society, especially working class society can only suffer as a result.

edl-dudley-englastanBut this blog isn’t only written for the left. It’s also intended for the ‘footsoldiers’ of the right. Don’t worry – if you’re a member of the EDL, Britain First, UKIP, the National Front or the British National Party – this isn’t another attempt to demonise you or to point and laugh at you as though you were some sort of exhibit in a museum of extremism. The chances are that you believe what you do because you were told convincing-sounding arguments that persuaded you to join up. We respect that. We’ve interacted with enough far-right Brits to know that many of them, even though they often advocate genocide or deportation of non-whites, Jews, Muslims or even other European nationals, genuinely think of themselves as reasonable people responding to extremely unreasonable situations.

So we’re not about to insult anyone. There’s no benefit in that. We intend to present the facts instead.

William Joyce (Lord Haw-Haw)

We’ll look at the historical development of the far-right in UK, beginning with Nazi sympathisers like Mosley and Chesterton, both friends of wartime traitor, William Joyce (Lord Haw Haw). We’ll cover John Tyndall who, along with Chesterton founded the National Front. It was Tyndall who mentored Nick Griffin and together they founded the British National Party. Griffin in turn mentored Paul Golding and worked closely with Ulster nationalist Jim Dowson until he fell out with them both as the BNP imploded. Dowson and Golding went on to found Britain First, drawing heavily from the rank and file of the English Defence League, which had been founded by another former BNP member, Tommy Robinson. The current Deputy Leader of Britain First, Jayda Fransen had been an EDL ‘Angel’ before jumping ship to BF.

The first part of the blog will show the very clear organisational links between modern British far right movements, from the convicted traitors and Nazi spies of WW2 to their modern counterparts who spend their time protesting Mosques and talking about ‘white genocide’ and ‘Eurabia’.

We’ll look at the development of far-right ideology. We’ll examine the anti-democratic principles that underlay the policies of each generation of far-right leaders in UK. We’ll examine the nationalism that is really just a front allowing them to maintain their part in a truly international coalition of fascists. We’ll consider the propaganda and show that the same, failed predictions that were once made about Jews, Blacks and Irish are now being pointed at Muslims, Eastern Europeans and all non-whites.

The ties that bind modern groups like Britain First and the British National Party to their fascist, neo-Nazi forebears are stronger than most people suppose. The ideologies, the policies and the tactics haven’t really changed over the decades although the availability of social media like Facebook and Twitter has been a Godsend for them. We shudder to think what Mosley might have been able to achieve with a laptop and internet access!


Whether you’re a leftie, a rightie or just an interested observer trying to make sense of the flag-waving procession marching down the High Street please read on. This blog might be uncomfortable reading for some but it’s not meant to be insulting. It is meant instead to open a few eyes and make clear just what it is that so many working class Brits seem to have embraced, despite the efforts of their forebears in World War 2. Despite the fact that many of their ancestors gave their lives to prevent just this sort of far-right extremism from taking root.