We received an ‘interesting’ Email this afternoon. The sender doesn’t seem to be a fan. We think it’s safe to say that this particular communication should be filed under ‘hostile’ if not ‘downright aggressive’. That’s OK – the hatred had to start sometime.

We had to read it a few times just to get past the expletives and we must admit, very creative insults to work out what the point of the Email actually was. On balance we decided that there probably wasn’t one beyond the sender’s heartfelt desire to see us all perform some remarkably difficult sexual acts involving a number of beasts, close relatives and everyday kitchenware. A strong desire to see us ‘hung’ (not ‘hanged’) was also apparent.

What interested us most though wasn’t the insults, creative and imaginative though they undoubtedly were. The fascinating thing was the number of assumptions the sender had made. So we thought this might be a good opportunity to clarify a few things…

LeaveTheDark Leave The Dark #LeaveTheDark addresses logo banner.png

We are not a Muslim organisation.

None of us are from Eastern Europe.

None of us are from Asia.

We are not traitors to the UK – rather we see ourselves as patriots who want to restore peace to our troubled and divided nation.

We have no issue with people who want to talk about immigration, border controls or even cultural identity.

We welcome discussion about issues that concern the British people.

We do not hate those who disagree with us.

We do not hate white people – some of us are white people!

We do not hate the working class – we are working class!

We do not intend to spend time opposing demonstrations organised by racists, nationalists or any far-right group. Our mission is to encourage peace – not to pick fights with people who are just out looking for trouble in the first place.

We welcome anyone to join us – even the far-right although we’re cautious about how much we’re prepared to trust those with fascist, nationalist or racist views or experience. We’ll still be happy to talk with you and to call you friends because that’s the only way we’ll reach you.

We believe that no matter how heated the conflict might be, no matter how destructive the disagreement becomes, sooner or later peace will only be achieved when people sit down and talk to each other.

We intend to spread a culture of acceptance and equality throughout the UK. We’re small now but watch this space. In 5 years time we’ll be a household name.

We intend to influence British culture to such an extent that it will be impossible for racism, nationalism, discrimination or any form of hatred to find a foothold anywhere in our great nation. The far right will continue to exist but they will be made impotent by the rising tide of compassion and mutual acceptance.

We will not hate – we prefer to educate.

We will not fight – we prefer to help.

We will not argue – we prefer to take positive action.

We will not give up – our society needs us.

If you like what you have read here feel free to get in touch with the #LeaveTheDark project. We need volunteers across the country who can spare anything from an hour or two a week to a full time equivalent. But we emphasise ‘volunteers’. We have no money as yet. Fundraising will begin in earnest from this Autumn. But even then we’ll only pay expenses. The bulk of our finance will go into producing merchandise to advertise the project and its aims in the real, offline world.

leaveTheDark Join us we need

If you’re able to help please Email us at outofnight@yandex.com

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Join us and help reclaim this great country of ours. Let’s #LeaveTheDark together!