We might be a bit quiet for a few days. There’s a reason for that.

The admin team is growing. We’re starting small but we’ve enough on board now to finalise our online, real world and media strategy, positioning, methodology and to set our short and medium term goals. There’s quite a lot of work involved in that but it’s well worth the effort and it will make #LeaveTheDark much more effective in the long run.

So don’t worry if you don’t hear much from us for a little while. We’re still here.

While we’re thrashing out the campaign strategy there’s nothing to stop you offering to help. If you can get involved in any way at all please Email outofnight@Yandex.com and we’ll definitely be in touch. We need people from all over the country to help us defeat the growing hatred and intolerance that threatens permanently to divide us.

Just send an Email, contact #LeaveTheDark through the blog, through Twitter or through Facebook and we’ll get back to you.

Team #LeaveTheDark

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