Even post-Brexit, this is too much! We know that the lowest of Britain’s racist low-life feel vindicated. We know that nationalist xenophobes think the referendum was somehow about race (which it wasn’t). We know that this country’s army of closet racists are coming out from under their rocks to cause mayhem. But we didn’t expect a gang of grown men to pick on a little girl. I mean really… what sort of nasty, unfeeling bastard does this?

men rubbed fake poo on four year old girl's face in racist attack metro

For years now the less intelligent among us have hidden behind their balaclavas, masks and social media sock-puppet accounts, posting aspirational images of medieval knights and promising to defend these islands because ‘these colours don’t run’.

EDL Chris Brett 3They’ve berated anyone who doesn’t hate non-whites, Muslims, Jews or immigrants as cowardly, unpatriotic and… even worse… ‘Do-gooders’!



It’s as though they think helping other people is a bad thing. I have news for the far right, nationalist, racist bastards among us – it’s not.

The truth is that these would-be Crusaders are really just small-minded, abusive cowards. What other sort of grown ‘man’ would spend time terrifying a little girl from the safety of his gang of mates?

These people aren’t the defenders of England, Britain or anywhere else. They’re just vicious, cowardly wankers!