SwastikaWelcome to the Into That Darkness podcast. Here we’ll explore the rising tide of neoNazism currently sweeping across the Western world like an epidemic. But this isn’t just idle voyuerism – this is a wake up call.

A little over 70 years ago the Nazis of the third Reich were defeated at the cost of more than 60 million lives worldwide. Nazism is dangerous. It’s more than that – it’s malevolent and it’s divisive. Nazism is the monster beneath the bed. It’s the political demon that comes knocking at the door pretending to be your friend, your saviour but ends up as your Master, your militarising radicaliser and your murderer.

It’s no coincidence that it has taken 70 years for neoNazism to gain a foothold in the Western world. It has taken that long for the memory of Hitler’s Nazis and Mussolini’s fascists to fade. Veterans die away and each new generation loses a little more of the collective memory of evil that our forefathers fought and died to defeat.

The new Nazis like Farage, Fransen, Carswell, Buckby, Golding, Yaxley-Lennon, and Griffin can only benefit from this collective amnesia. Few in today’s society recognise their far right heritage or the evil that they are working so hard to recreate in the modern world. But those of us who do – those of us who recognise the Jackbooted march of malice will not be silenced.

The Into That Darkness podcast is designed for only one purpose – to raise awareness of the abyss that stands before us. Western society, wrapped up in its sense of superiority and self-importance is marching, sleepwalking over the precipice and into the pit. Nothing good can come from following the new right Into That Darkness!

Follow this podcast to learn what the media wont tell you about the collective risks we face. It’s free to subscribe. If you’re tempted to join the new right. If you’re a member of the English Defence League, Pegida, The British National Party, the National Front, Britain First or UKIP then this podcast is intended especially for you. Most of the people following these divisive groups have no idea what they’re getting themselves into. These audio broadcasts should help.

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