There was a time when patriotism meant wanting the best for your nation and doing what you could, however little to bring about peace, harmony and well-being for all British citizens. Those were the days when flying the Union flag meant nothing more than a statement of ‘Britishness’ and nobody felt the need to make up implausible stories about offended neighbours or interfering council officers.

Today the term, ‘patriot’ has been well and truly hi-jacked. Far from a description of national identity and support for the national good it’s become a codeword, a euphemism for something much more sinister. Today’s self-reported ‘patriots’ are just as likely to be racists, xenophobes and Islamophobes as they are to be patriotic in any positive sense of the word.

Of course, some patriots really are patriotic in the old-fashioned way. They’re not all white supremacists. One way to tell the difference is to listen to their rhetoric, to notice the distortions and deception of the new, racist ‘patriots’. Here are 5 of the most common myths that xenophobic nationalists like to spread.

  1. We’re at war

Keyboard warriors and military fantasists just love to pretend they’re actually fighting a war. They’re like little boys playing soldiers. If it’s not images of medieval knights with unfeasibly large swords it’s dodgy looking fat blokes in (very) tight fitting army surplus fatigues running about on Welsh mountains. What we don’t see are tanks rolling down the High Street, armed assaults on our Town Halls or grenade attacks on the local school building. That’s because we’re not at war at all. In fact this is the longest period of international peace Europe has ever experienced (thanks to the work of the European Union and the United Nations).

  1. White genocide

Genocide involves killing people – entire populations of people. White genocide is one of the most ridiculous myths ever imagined by white supremacists who like to think

  • White people are being outbred
  • This actually matters

In both cases they’re wrong. A quick study of genetics makes it clear that white skins will not go extinct any time soon. The obvious evidence is Brazil. The population there have been inter-breeding (and integrating very happily) for centuries but there are still plenty of white-skinned people around.

Even if the white supremacists were right (which they’re not) – who cares? Why on earth should future generations care what colour today’s fascist scumbags think they should be?

anti racist anti white racist white man march

  1. Immigrants take your jobs

Really? Isn’t it more likely that the economy is struggling because of the actions of wealthy bankers? Isn’t it also likely that if you can’t compete with an immigrant who has less cultural understanding of the UK and may not even be able to speak the language then the problem lies with your own unemployability?

  1. Immigrants take your benefits

Hang on- I thought they were taking your jobs. Now you think they’re claiming your unemployment benefit! Make your mind up!

The fact is that the UK’s immigrant population contributes far more in tax revenue and employment opportunities for the local population than it ever takes out in benefits. The whole idea of immigrants draining our economy is just stupid. We’re massively better off because of immigration.

  1. ‘They’ don’t integrate

Really? We have people of all races, creeds and colours in local and national politics, working in industry, small businesses, cafes and even cherished national concerns like the NHS. Immigrants and ethnic minorities (they’re not the same thing, by the way) of all national backgrounds and religious affiliations take a very active part in the life of the UK.

Remind me again – who is it that won’t integrate? Isn’t that Paul Golding, white supremacist leader of Britain First we see turning his back on Sadiq Khan, the democratically elected Mayor of London?

Golding turns his back on Sadiq Khan

It seems that the only ones not integrating are the far right fascists who would rather slander their fellow British citizens than work with them.