The indomitable ‘Exposing Britain First’ (@ExposingBF) published this today. It’s just the latest travesty published by racist, nationalist, white supremacist group, Britain First. They’re the ones who think the answer to all the UK’s problems can be found by inciting civil war with Muslims, immigrants and ‘lefties’ (traitors) on one side and everybody else on the other. They’re the ones who began with failed BNP officials who fell out with Nick Griffin and whose leaders are made up of ex BNP and EDL racists. They’re the ones who think repatriation of non-whites and non-Christians would be a fine thing, especially if followed by extermination of all left-wing voters and politicians. And they’re the ones who regularly publish obvious lies like the one pictured below.

Most people don’t agree with Britain First’s obvious Nazism but worryingly, quite a few do. That’s not too surprising when they keep publishing photoshopped ‘evidence’ like this to discredit those they define as ‘the enemy’.

EBF BF Photoshop refugee lies

You might think that nobody would be stupid enough to fall for such an obviously doctored image but you’d be wrong. Below are just some of the comments left by Britain First supporters on their Facebook page.

itd photoshop legs are open refugee comments.png

When people are so desperate to hate, to find a scapegoat to blame for their own inadequacies then even the most obvious lie is enough to convince them of what they already want to believe.