A week on Saturday (16th July) the English Defence League will be making yet another attempt to become politically relevant. This time they plan to inflict themselves on London.

EDL London 6th July 2016 banner


London isn’t without its problems, many of which are fuelled by precisely the sort of paranoid, racist nonsense the EDL peddles. Yet at its heart the city contains a proud, ethnically diverse, working class community. There are many good people in London – people who will want nothing to do with the racist, neoNazi EDL but unfortunately, the city also has its share of numpties. It’ll be interesting to see how many racists actually turn up to the rally on Saturday. I suspect not all that many but I may be wrong. Time will tell. After all – the economic conditions are ripe for the divisive politics of the far right to make headway in UK. The recent Brexit vote has emboldened many of the worst of British society who now seem to think they have carte blanche to do what they want. If only they knew what they wanted. Most of the EDL are desperate, marginalised people looking for desperate solutions – and they’re not always rational.

Brexit send them back T shirt

The last few years have seen an increase in poverty all across UK, especially in the North. As desperation increases people tend to look for easy scapegoats. People often want someone to vent their anger upon. The scapegoat has to be easy both to recognise and to alienate.

The financiers, corporate exploiters and neoliberal politicians who actually caused the UK’s widespread poverty are beyond the reach of many. There’s no ‘satisfaction’ to be had from whingeing among friends about what you’d like to do to the faceless, nameless ‘suit’ you’ll never meet. But the Muslims and the immigrants….. Oh, the Muslims and the immigrants…… Now there’s an easy target.

BF Medway council no more mosques

These people are easy to spot – they dress differently for a start and they’re often brown or speak with a funny accent which is a bit of a dead giveaway in itself. Better than that – they’re seen commonly enough to target regularly but they’re a small enough minority to be more or less defenceless in the face of attack. Perfect. Let’s blame the Muslims – that’ll make us feel better.

This is the sort of distorted thinking that fuels rallies like Saturday’s EDL march in the capital. It’s the same stupid paranoia that political parties like UKIP capitalise upon to distract people from the real problem of corporate greed (a greed they wholeheartedly support and endorse, by the way). Anyway, here’s a little poem I wrote to illustrate the point…

We’d hoped they were gone

But they’re trundling on

Not very strong

And still just as wrong.


Perversely proud

Disproportionately loud

Not exactly a crowd

More a kettle – that’s all that they’re allowed.


There’s a warning to heed

There’s an evil seed

Of a Nazi weed

That we must not feed.


Fuelled by paranoid fear

And speeches they hear

Full of hatred and lies

These mugs come to despise

Fellow humans, fellow brits

As the group hysteria hits

And they lose all sense and reason

In a fantasy of treason


There’s a warning to heed

There’s an evil seed

Of a Nazi weed

That we must not feed.

Bankers the house always  winsIf you’re angry at the way working people have been treated by this callous government and its wealthy supporters then fine. I share your anger. I too hate the way my society has been torn apart in the interests of corporate profit and the rich.


If you want things to change for the better – so do I. But that can only be achieved by applying pressure to the people who caused and continue to maintain a political situation that favours the wealthy at the expense of the rest of us. It’s hardly the fault of immigrants or refugees, many of whom can’t even vote in the UK, let alone run the economy.

If you want to scapegoat the innocent Muslim who lives around the corner just because the bankers, cabinet ministers and multinational company directors are out of your reach then I will oppose you in every way that I can.

There’s a warning to heed

There’s an evil seed

Of a Nazi weed

That we must not feed.