Welcome. Today ‘Leave the dark’ is launched.  The aim is simple. To raise awareness of the rising tide of neoNazism throughout the West and to highlight the dangers of populist nationalism and casual racism.

There’s nothing new about this. In fact that’s the problem. Western nations are on a reckless journey back in time toward the darkest days of the 20th century. It seems we have learned very little from the mistakes of the past.

pre WW2 Germany Nazi ceremony.jpg

So far the ‘Leave the dark’ project has a presence here on WordPress, on Facebook and on Twitter (@leavethedark). More platforms will follow over time.

Please follow ‘Leave the dark’ and  help raise awareness of the danger we all find ourselves in from neoNazis masquerading as ‘patriots’, encouraging us to wage war on imagined enemies and political opponents alike.

Let’s not go back into that darkness.